The Challenge is to promote sustainable construction in order to achieve the climate protection goals on the Balearic Islands in the coming years. Unfortunately, there are few initiatives in the field of sustainable architecture and construction in Mallorca. Achieving the Balearic Islands Government's climate targets will require a sustained effort that can only be achieved together. The construction sector is responsible for almost half of Mallorca's CO2 emissions and waste. In order to provide planners, architects, engineers and project developers with a simple solution on how they can find solutions in their construction projects to make their own projects climate-neutral, waste-free and decarbonized in the future, we have founded the HOMEY network for sustainable architecture and construction in Mallorca. With this network, we want to give visibility to international, innovative companies that offer climate-neutral solutions in the construction sector. We introduce these companies to the public, especially architects, engineers, planners and project developers, and present their decarbonizing solutions. In doing so, we take into account the special climatic conditions on the Balearic Islands.

What is our starting point?

As part of new construction and renovation projects, we attach great importance to considering the entire life cycle of a building. This includes the selection of materials, the construction and operation of the building, right through to its dismantling or demolition. Our priority here is circular materials management (cradle to cradle). We ensure that the solutions we present are perfectly tailored to the project in question and the client's requirements. In order to provide our partners with easy access to these solutions, we have established the so- called Solution Management in our network. This offers architects, engineers, developers and private or public clients solutions tailored to their individual project in order to make it climate-neutral or climate-positive and thus contribute to the decarbonization of our earth's atmosphere.

Our solution

The digital Homey information portal offers our partner companies a platform to present their innovative solutions in the field of climate-neutral and sustainable construction. They can also share their project experiences with our network partners. We also operate a physical information center for sustainable construction in our Homey network office in Palma. There, our solution managers listen to the requirements of clients and look for sustainable solutions as part of our network activities. We also regularly present our network partners at information events for planners, architects, project developers and private builders to share first-hand project experiences. We see ourselves as a transformation network for sustainable architecture. This is relevant knowledge that we want to share with our network partners in order to make progress in the field of sustainable planning and construction and to offer planners, architects and project developers support in the development of truly sustainable projects. In addition to sustainability, resource conservation and health promotion in buildings are also of great importance.



A much more efficient work concept that allows you to have your own business in a shared space, reducing business costs, facilitating permanent contact with relevant people for the development of your particular activity and favouring relations with the market and new clients.

A collaborative space, synonymous with quality, safety and comfort, with a multiplying effect for the development of the business activity of the associated professionals. An area where the collaboration between the professionals that cohabit this space and the alliances that will be generated between them will allow immediate responses to the needs of the projects, improving their quality and speed.

All the members of Homey Group are part of the Architecture and Construction sector, so it is a totally professional, multidisciplinary, collaborative and dynamic environment.

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